LED transformation out of the clear channel layout "sink" is king

[Text/Zhou Jianhua] In the first quarter of 2014, LED replaced traditional lighting products to speed up again, “transition war”, “grab battle”, “price war”, “strategic war”, “human war” and “distribution war” among enterprises. Frequently, the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Whether it is old-fashioned traditional lighting or LED newcomers, they are sighing that the changes are too fast, and they all feel tremendous pressure. On the road of transformation, there are both tactics for continuing the "strategic loss" thinking channel, as well as "focusing" strategies from the field of relatively small competition and strong ability. In the case of gains and losses, the transformation path is gradually clear.

"Unlike the focus of last year's channel strategy, this year's focus will be on 'Shen'." Lin Jili, general manager of Mulinsen Lighting Marketing, said that the number of Mulinsen outlets and the market meeting rate were insufficient last year, and must rely on quickly seize quality terminal resources. To achieve the domestic layout, and after a year of "casting the net", the number has exceeded the expected target, the next year must be quickly penetrated into the third and fourth-tier market, and continue to support regional businesses, deepen their potential, force Help them grow bigger and stronger.

"Now because the channel sinking work is done well, the products have formed good shipping rules in the first- and second-tier cities. There is no inventory in the total generation of extrusion, and our company's inventory is now basically the same day. , but still can not meet the order requirements."

This year, Mulinsen Lighting will increase marketing investment in channel intensive cultivation. Now Mulinsen Headquarters is providing marketing personnel for every county-level agent or above. It is expected to reach a scale of 1,000 people and achieve rapid growth in sales and branding operations.

In fact, no matter whether it is low-cost to seize the market, relying on the original visibility to control the dealer's Foshan lighting, high-profile cutting into the application, marketing first Yiguang Lighting, or the recent promotion of the "factory supermarket" model of Jiangxi Aoqisi technology, this year's key points Placed in the sinking development of channel outlets and the penetration of terminal sales.

In the first- and second-tier cities, there are many and concentrated lighting stores, LED brands are rampant, and competition is fierce. There has been a serious situation of “more porridge”. Manufacturers naturally turn their attention to the third and fourth-tier markets, avoiding the most intense and limited space for competition. In order to further penetrate the civilian market, many brands will extend their channels to the third and fourth-tier markets as well as the township market.

Therefore, since the beginning of this year, domestic LED lighting brands have taken action, “distribution conference”, “centralized operation” and “human sea tactics”. Through this series of actions, not only the industry remembers these brands, but also channel distributors choose these brands. Do these brands well. Some brands with good quality and price-friendly brands are getting better and better in the third and fourth-tier markets.

Taking Linyi, Shandong Province as an example, from February to May, it is estimated that a total of 18 large-scale dealer conferences will be held. Among them, the brands participating in the “horse circle” include Foshan Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Yiguang LED Lighting, Mulinsen, Shilin. Lighting, beauty lighting, Shifu and other brands. Foreign brands are not to be outdone. Panasonic Lighting has held 21 dealer conferences nationwide, and has repeatedly emphasized the commitment to “localized operations” in public.

“Every dealer will almost always have a lot of brands, but it is very cautious in terms of brand selection. The main agent brand will be carefully investigated and deliberate before deciding whether to proxy. Although the consumer’s brand awareness is weak, the dealer’s Brand awareness is getting stronger and stronger, because it is necessary to rely on dealers to guide consumers." Liao Xiaoyun, Deyang City Op Lighting Distributor.

The word deep distribution and channel sinking quickly fired again in the LED era. In the awareness of many city-level agents, deep distribution is nothing more than requiring the product to be as close as possible to the terminal, as many terminals as possible, and outlets. Cover as broad as possible. Since enterprises can learn the law naturally, they will be flexible as a city-level agent.

“However, many local-level agents blindly imitate upstream enterprises, but they have fundamentally neglected the scientific management of performance terminals and channels. Deep distribution to so-called channel management is fundamentally related to the main differences between the target audience and Objective limitations, abandoning the deep distribution of the performance terminal evaluation system is tantamount to bamboo baskets." Guo Yunping pointed out.

With the increasing barriers to competition in the regionalized market, the division of labor is becoming more professional and segmented. The agents at all levels of the regional market are only tailored to local conditions, focusing on their own brand marketing, logistics and distribution within the jurisdictional market. The quality of specific operations such as construction and ground promotion can be in an invincible position in today's increasingly homogenized market competition.

"There is no good sales network, and there is no systematic scientific channel management method with excellent sales network. It will only make the sales scale and benefit level of regional market agents quietly dilute without knowing it." Lin Jiliang concluded.

      The front of the product has a button and two indicators. There are two types of button operations: tap and long press.

  • Click the switch of the Control Socket. When it is turned on, the blue indicator light is on, and when it is off, it is off.
  • Long press to enter the wifi distribution network status, the red indicator light flashes quickly, and the network can be configured according to the wifi configuration method at this time;
  • With electric parameter measurement function, the APP can monitor the power consumption and other related parameters of the equipment loaded in each time period.

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