Small body "big" surprise ZTE Ninetowns "Fans" evaluation

This time is no exception. On October 12th, ZTE NINETOWNS and BesTV joined forces to launch a “sportsman’s stick” of online TV boxes for main-ball game live broadcasts. This is now widely used in domestic smart TV boxes. Can the “fans” box get their favor?

Smaller and lighter

To be honest, last year's FUN BOX's small and delicate lunch box shape and powerful features are still fresh in people's memory, and the size of the "fans' sticks" is even more surprising.

Similar to the size of a U disk, it matches with the obvious color of red and black and can be recognized at a distance. However, compared to the "sticky" shape, the "fans stick" is even more compact and compact than the lighter. It is easier to carry with you.

The external design of the "Fans of the fans" is relatively simple. A USB interface and power indicator are also designed ingeniously on the side of the overall frame. It is not obvious, and the HDMI connection method can be used for most smart TVs. Plug and play is very convenient.

For a small-sized TV box, why does the "fans bar" not directly supply power directly through the HDMI interface, but instead go through a USB connection to an external power supply? According to the HDMI protocol, the 5V output current can not be greater than 50mA. The ordinary HDMI port has 5v power supply, but the load capacity is different. For the sake of adaptability, USB power supply is also used.

Of course, on the external control device, the "fans stick" still uses a simple 14-key wireless Bluetooth remote control for user convenience.

In terms of performance, the "fans" are equipped with an AMLOGIC S805 (4-core 1.2G-1.5GHz CPU, 4-core Mali450 GPU) processor, 1 GB of LPDDR3 memory, 8G flash memory, 1080P output resolution, and Android 4.4 operating system.

Do not know how such a configuration can give users how to feel?

Bestom presents the best gift to fans

After entering the system, the smart TV box has all the features and "fans", and as the main push, the ball games also occupy half of the home page.

Since it is the main event live broadcast, we still have a lot of expectations for BesTV's best NBA and Premiership.

BesTV is the most comprehensive media in China with NBA events. It is also very effective in the "Fans of the Fighters". The status of the game, the game video and the NBA news can all be found in it, and it will also provide various teams and detailed details for the fans. Enumerate team information to make it easier for users to check the status of their favorite teams.

In the event live broadcast and broadcast, the user can also choose the game that they like to watch. Electric Technology chose the game between the Pistons and the Bulls to experience this fan artifact. Although the content of the sports event is rich, the effect of the picture is not reached before. The official announcement of 1080P resolution may be a little regret for the fans.

Another ball event is undoubtedly football. The Premier League is a powerful league in the world football. It is famous for its strong confrontation, many goals, and high speed. It also buys the BesTV, the mainland broadcaster of the English Premier League, for the fans. I saw a lot of exciting events.

Of course, among the "sports fans", the Premier League's Premier League gift for the fans is also very rich. In addition to exciting events, news reports, player analysis, and league standings, and other hot topics of interest to the public can also be found here. .

In the live broadcast, the RMB 299 "Fan Stick" can allow users to enjoy the 380 Premier League games throughout the year. Fans only need to spend an average of 0.89 yuan to watch a game. For some other channels that watch live games, the price is really It's very cheap, and for those who love the ball game, being able to see a match like Manchester United against Arsenal at the first time is really worth the money.

However, the "fans' sticks" demand for the Internet is still very high, electric technology in the 20M network, the game will still be a little bit of Caton, if there is not a good network environment, users watching this type of Webcast experience may be larger Discounted.

Focused on the game but the TV function is all-inclusive

In addition to the main sports events, the "fans" have not forgotten their own job. As a TV box, the functions of a smart TV are also readily available.

In the movie and television interface, the "fans" desktop classification is much more refined than the previous FUN BOX. Not only is there a section for film and television variety, even the financial columns are listed separately to facilitate the user's choice, but in terms of film and television. The recent Miami TV shows are all on the list. Think about it, and for content-rich BesTV, that's not a big deal.

Video games have become the standard for smart TVs, and the "fans' sticks" as TV boxes naturally won't experience the game. In terms of processors, AMLOGIC S805 is not born for the game, which also caused the current stage of "fans' sticks "The game among them belongs to a mild casual game, but according to Zhongxing Ninetowns, the game content will be retained in the product category, follow-up will gradually increase the proportion of game content.

For the "fans" of the main event, the live broadcast of ball games has provided a quick way for the introduction of follow-up TV sports games, and Sino-Korean may also make strategic preparations for the next video game.

Most notably, the “fanspin” without external input interfaces can be said to have a way out of third-party applications. However, in the built-in application store, the 500+ free rich application solves this distressing problem. .

Is the orientation of the nine in the distinct TV box correct?

As the first OTT terminal product targeting vertical segmentation under the strategy of ZTE Ninetowns Market Segment. Originally thought that the content of the "fans' sticks" will be covered by sports events. However, from the content point of view, the sports events and smart TV functions are basically the same. It is not the complete subdivision of S9.

Today, major video sites are also increasing the number of their own exclusive copyrights, and the competition for copyright purchases has become increasingly fierce. In such fierce competition for copyright purchases, to achieve differentiated competition, we must lock in our target audience.

The ZTE NINETOWNS, in order to cope with the increasingly obvious smart TV field of homogenization, is looking for opportunities for development. Joining BesTV is undoubtedly the right choice. Sports events have always been one of the main contents for cultivating pay TV users. There is still unlimited potential. From the perspective of national IPTV ratings, the revenue from on-demand subscriptions is still less than 10% of the overall income. The Premier League and NBA broadcasting rights owned by BesTV actually attract many users.

Although the “fans' stick” launched by ZTE NINETOWNS has captured the enthusiasm of fans for watching live events, it has not totally abandoned the TV function in terms of content, integrated the contents of different terminals, and provided high-quality content online. For fans, it also benefits ordinary users.

The emergence of "fans' sticks" allowed us to see how the Zhongxing Ninetowns refine the market strategy and how to find a correct path in the homogenized market. Obviously, the "fans' stick" made us find a good direction. .

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