Laser processing for industrial robot applications

Laser processing is a processing method in which a laser is used as energy to melt and then form a material. According to the purpose of processing, it can be divided into laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding, laser cladding, laser additive manufacturing and so on. The temperature of the laser can reach 6000°, and the material can instantly melt or even vaporize the material. As a typical hot working, the heat affected zone is small, the processing speed is fast, and it is not necessary for subsequent processing after molding, and is particularly suitable for a thin plate or a material which is easily deformed by heat. Considering the safety of lasers and the high efficiency of laser processing, laser processing is usually automated and assisted in processing tasks efficiently.

The basis of laser processing is the laser processing system. Wuhan Wanlilai's 10,000-watt processing system integrates laser cutting, welding, welding and scanning and welding. It is a master of laser processing system.

A complete laser processing system including lasers (including fiber, chiller and regulated power supply), laser head, motion mechanism ( robot or machine tool), working platform, other auxiliary equipment (IPC, dryer, auxiliary water, etc.) ). The following is a brief introduction to the laser, laser head and motion mechanism.

Laser is the core of laser processing. At present, fiber laser is mainly used, its beam quality is good, electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, maintenance-free, suitable for processing various materials.

At present, mainstream lasers include CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, and disc lasers.

The single direction is the main characteristic of the laser. Based on this, different sizes of light spots can be output by optical transmission, which is suitable for different processing. In addition, the concentration of laser energy makes the laser penetrating ability strong, and is suitable for the processing of thick plates.

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