2015 TV Box Hot List Recommended

Now the trend of the box market is basically one-sided. Users basically go to popular boxes and well-known boxes. Because the brand is driven, the products are certainly better than other unknown brands. The reason why they become popular boxes is because they are quite high in quality and reputation.

So here I recommend these very popular TV boxes for everyone:

Tate Box Webox

Taijie Box is a TV live artifact launched by Taijie Company. Its main live broadcast is smooth and smooth, and Taijie Company, which is taking the “boutique” concept, is also praised by many users. The ready-to-list box must go through 7 days of high-intensity testing, so it is also quite high in quality. As a mainstream box, Tai Jie just released a Webox30 is also a popular enough, 8-core 64-bit top match The built-in wireless Wifi receiving channel of the CPU, dual-band and dual-antenna makes this box a new highlight of this year's box circle and is also very popular with home users.

Mi Box

Millet's "For fever" is also a lot of fans, millet box is Xiaomi company launched a TV-side auxiliary equipment TV box, as a special part of the millet box, it would say that it is the main game box "This point, we must say that the non-millet box is none other than the video game console. It is designed specifically for games, and the millet box has also specifically designed gamepads so that gamers can also experience the games on TV very easily." pleasure. The stability of the game and the compatibility of the game is also quite a lot, but also loved by game users.

Lynx Box

As a cute TV box, Lynx Box is also quite attractive, with red appearance and cat-like logo. The Lynx Magic Box features the “shopping mall” feature. You can not only pay for water and gas on the TV, but also use the remote control to shop on Taobao and Tmall. This can be described as a very convenient day-to-day living in the living room. Solve the shopping problem. This is also the favorite of many female users, it can be said to be a female box.

All three are well-known TV boxes in the industry, and their respective users also account for most of the box market. They are very unique in these areas, and each box's own main area is the most powerful among all boxes. So you can choose the box according to your hobby. If your family is focused on the TV experience, then you should buy a Tate box for your family. If you are a gamer, you can buy yourself a millet box. However, after you read the introduction of these boxes, I believe you already have your own ideas.

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