TV, box [watch live broadcast + watch play + play games], a software is enough!

This is a magical software!

Live + on-demand + game + application = a software

With it:

See all network video resources! No need to download other video software to take one hundred!

See all live broadcast content in China! There are live sports, live games never fall!

Let’s talk about the feeling of the landlord after using it:

Live TV: Supports all domestic live channels, seconds to cut seconds, basic high-definition picture quality, but also switch to ultra-clear picture quality!

The game broadcast is updated from time to time, there are intimate sports notices live sports!

Video-on-demand: AIQI, Tencent videos, Youku videos, LeTV, Sogou videos, etc., no need to download, open to see!

Game experience: big games, no download, open to play!

TV application experience: No need to download, experience boutique application features!

What is this artifact?

He is: TV Browser

304 stainless steel heating element
Removable frying pot&basket with non-stick coating
Removable and heat insulation handle for frying basket
Automatic shut-off with ready alert
Prevent slip feet
Heat resistant material inside enclosure
With fan guard,more safety
Certificates: GS CE CB SAA RoHS LFGB
Colour: customized
English manual&cookbook

1. Air fries food without any oil
2. 40HQ container
3.Product Warranty: 1 year after shipment
4.Valid for one month

2L Air Fryer

2L Air Fryer,Smart Air Fryer,2L Air Deep Fryer,Electric Air Deep Fryer

Ningbo Huayu Intelligent Technology Co. LTD ,

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