Temporary D6 installs daily yoga for you to lose weight and has a charming figure

Want to lose weight and have a charming figure? Still want to relax, relieve physical and psychological pressure? It all depends on your choice - you haven't had yoga today! Daily yoga is the most focused yoga training software on the market. Cover dynamic yoga classes of different durations and levels, featuring high-definition video, voice guidance, soothing music, and social features to enjoy yoga and make friends. After reading the above description is not a snack to download? But before downloading, you may wish to read the comment of the landlord: Is this software worth downloading?

The test platform landlord home is not using smart TV, because the price is a bit high, and the old TV at home has not yet reached the level of retirement, so the landlord uses a compromise solution - bought a Temporary D6 quad-core upgrade, this smart TV Set-top box has a quad-core A9 processor S812, configuration is the mainstream of the market 1G + 8G configuration, security Bunny run up to 30,000 +, in the 4K decoding output is extremely powerful and supports H.265 encoding video playback, with it , old TV can also be turned into a mainstream smart TV!

Testing process

Daily yoga TV homepage is very simple, using a column design, color matching is very reasonable, gives a very comfortable feeling; and only courses, plans, mine, set up four columns, very concise.

Click to enter the course to see the relevant information of the course: including the number of course collection, number of likes and other aspects of the information, in addition to a detailed description of the course (click on the screen "more"), there is a bright spot is the video allows Set up a 10 minute or 15 minute course, which is a very good innovation for fitness coaching video, and it is very convenient.

Action preview, this is also one of the innovation points of this software, because it is well-known that the fitness class stresses the coherence of the action, so the simple video guidance is difficult for the user to grasp, there must be some "decomposition action" as a reference , And this software is very intimate to join the decomposition of action elements, like one!

Next look at the clarity of the video, this software video is mostly 720P (can not adjust the definition and size of the screen), clear or very high, and delicate display, shooting through professional shooting equipment.

The curriculum resources are divided into four major themes: yoga techniques, weight loss, body parts, and health physiotherapy. Each topic is divided into small topics and video resources are also very rich. However, it needs to be noted that the videos marked with red members are charged, but the proportion is not high, and most of them are still free.

The second column is the plan, which contains a number of special topics such as the Hatha slimming plan, the one-week menstrual plan, etc., but it is generally aimed at a specific group of people or a specific effect, and it is based on a planned task list. To a very good step-by-step effect, it is recommended that you try to have no effect.

The remaining two columns are my and settings. After logging in, you can use the functions of Favorites and Points, and you can record your daily exercise effects. It is very convenient. There are no setting options for settings. It is worth mentioning that background music can be set, but music cannot be customized and is random.

Micro-Review Through the above test using the Temper-D6 quad-core, it can be seen that the content offered by Daily Yoga is very professional. All courses and plans are designed and created by professional certified yoga instructors who have more than 10 years teaching experience, covering Ashtanga. , Hata, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and other traditional yoga schools, and clever combination of Pilates, reflecting the best fitness effects. Bring daily yoga and enjoy the good times that are only for yoga enthusiasts.

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