Change charging mode graphene redefine mobile phone life

It is said that the most exciting and promising new material in the future is non-graphene, which has a wide range of applications and excellent performance. This is a two-dimensional crystal that is stripped from the graphite material and consists of a single layer of carbon atoms. Graphene is both the thinnest material and the most tough material available.

Change charging mode Graphene redefines mobile phone life

Graphene has a breaking strength higher than that of steel, and the stretching range can reach 20% of its original size. It is almost completely transparent in physical properties and absorbs only 2.3% of light. On the other hand, it is very dense, and even the smallest gas atoms (deuterium atoms) cannot penetrate. Due to its many excellent characteristics, the application prospect of graphene is generally optimistic.

Change charging mode Graphene redefines mobile phone life

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal composed of a single layer of carbon atoms

The most promising application today is to replace silicon as a raw material for manufacturing ultra-micro transistors to produce future supercomputers. Under the support of graphene, the running speed of the computer will be qualitatively improved. While current mobile smart devices dominate the mainstream market, another major use of graphene has also been tapped - supercapacitor batteries.

The excellent performance of graphene in physical and chemical properties has led many manufacturers to see the dawn of improving product performance. In a word, graphene is a new type of carbon material with the highest strength, the best toughness, the lightest weight, the highest light transmission and the best conductivity. It has excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Change charging mode Graphene redefines mobile phone life

These features make it ideal for use as a raw material for transparent electronic products such as transparent touch displays, luminescent panels and solar panels. Application in the aerospace sector can also achieve structural weight reduction and accelerate the upgrading of aerospace structures and functional materials. Two physicists at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom first isolated the graphene alone, and there is a more advanced study on graphene.

Change charging mode Graphene redefines mobile phone life

Huawei attaches great importance to the development of graphene applications

At present, China Aviation Industry Aviation Materials Institute and Manchester University have already cooperated in the field of graphene application, and Huawei is also closely related to the cooperation of Manchester University in the development of graphene applications. With Huawei's current influence in the UK, the two sides will further expand cooperation in the field of graphene in the future.

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