Smart home "not smart" light bulb

There are more and more smart light bulbs on the market, and Philips has also introduced Hue smart light bulbs. In this era of smart homes , one person decided to make a "unsmart" light bulb. He is Bloomberg of Blink Sunshine.

After graduating from the Physics Department of the University of Hong Kong, Bloomberg began his career in finance. Later he resigned and started his business. He used to do Bluetooth speakers, anti-lost devices, etc., but he now makes a 5000K color temperature bulb, Blink Sunshine. Bloomberg has a certain research on LED in college. In addition, he also has a student who is a Ph.D. in LED direction at the University of Toronto. Now he is returning to the country to build a production line with the tutor. He gave Bloomberg a lot of technical advice. Development is very helpful.

Why do smart lights need 5000K color temperature?

The current color temperature lamp is mainly a combination of RGB or RGBW. There is an essential problem here, that is, the real white light, the white light of the sun, like the experiment we have done in middle school, is red orange yellow green blue blue purple contains all colors, is a continuous spectrum, so it looks natural, not biased color. Most of the bulbs in the market use only the three peaks of red, green and blue, which can deceive the eyes roughly, but when it illuminates the object, it will be a problem, it will be color cast, and the color will be dull.

The 2700K “warm white light” on the market is too yellow, and the 6500K “white light” is too blue, and the color temperature can directly affect people's emotions. 5000K is the color temperature closest to natural light and is called "natural white".

"5000K color temperature is a very complicated concept, can not be blue, can not be yellowish, can not be reddish, can not be green, with red light, green light, blue light directly combined, the effect is not close, and our light bulb one Than, the difference is great."

Bloomberg said that under the low-quality lighting, people's eyes are prone to fatigue and discomfort. The 5000K color temperature light provides the feeling of sunlight in any environment, allowing people to feel tired. Just as some people will buy air purifiers or water purifiers, many people will pursue the purity of air and water, and the 5000K color temperature is pursuing the “pureness” of light.

Smart home is not easy - abandoning the app is a new entry point

"Whether from the sales of smart home products in the market or the popularity of smart home products around us, we will find that this is not an era when everyone can go to the wind. Smart home is not that simple."

At this time Bloomberg began to think: What is needed for smart home? He thinks that smart homes should have three characteristics: First, it should meet our requirements for high-quality life; Second, it does not give us an extra burden of use; Third, we can quantify the user's benefits, such as power saving.

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