Seeking marriage "pan-home" channel LED lighting from free to frequent

[Text / LED lighting channel fire] lighting as an important part of the "pan-home" pen, the relevant lighting companies should be regular customers or big members of the "pan-home" system, but in fact, whether it is Traditional lighting or LED lighting companies are mostly outside this circle, failing to share the huge market of “pan-home”.

NVC lighting stealth "Champion League"?

Gaogong LED reporter made statistics on NVC lighting display products on the official website of Champion League and found that there are only 11 pieces of products, and they are all LED-type lamps. What is even more amazing is that the "Champion League" online store does not have NVC lighting.

This inevitably raises questions about the success of traditional lighting into the “pan”, and the question of whether the channels can be integrated with each other is also not well answered with the gradual stealth of NVC Lighting in the “Champion League”.

It can be said that NVC Lighting, as a member of the “Champion League” with pan-home nature, has a surface effect that is greater than the actual channel development and market benefits. However, obviously this is not the original intention of NVC lighting. So, what factors are blocking the lighting companies from joining the huge market of “pan-home”?

First of all, traditional lighting companies have their own marketing centers or distribution agents throughout the country. If lighting companies make huge profits in the “pan-home” channel, then the interests of dealers will be impaired. In the current lighting industry is still dominated by dealer channels, lighting companies themselves have to be constrained.

For example, in March of this year, Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting's 37 operation centers signed the “2014 Regional Operation Center Distribution Agreement” with an intentional sales of 1 billion yuan. After "marriage" Dehao, NVC was involuntarily; at the same time, how to sort out the original channels after the combination of DeHao, is no longer a top priority for NVC, and no longer able to talk about "pan".

Secondly, the lighting industry has not yet entered the “pan” case, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are in a small and noisy environment, lacking a mature industry environment.

Although in the IKEA, actually home, Qijia network and other online and offline homes can see the lighting, but in fact, it is a simple product display, or a superposition of home decoration + lighting, rather than a deeper brand Bundling, channel integration. Behind the scenes, lighting companies are often absent, and they are not actively planning to market this market.

At the same time, in the field of pan-home, because consumers do not get the help of lighting professional sales people, often small retailers do not dare to purchase large, consumers are more willing to accept professional buying opinions from manufacturers in the professional lighting market. Therefore, the pan-home market cake needs to be large, but the lighting industry has not developed enough in the early stage, resulting in the channel integration of each other is far from the ideal state.

At present, with the increasing influence of LED lighting, its intelligent development also caters to the trajectory of the intelligent direction of the home. Many LED companies have already planned to integrate the “Pan Home” channel in the LED lighting era. The big cake was once again falling.

This year ushered in a "pan" climax

"The prospect of the pan-home market is very broad. The value of LED lighting can have a better embodiment in the pan-home. However, most domestic lighting companies like to follow suit and do not have their own research and development, so LED lighting is not really applied to the pan. The field of home.” Lin Jilin, general manager of marketing of Mulinsen China, pointed out.

As a benchmark for LED lighting companies, Mulinsen will have a new trend in channel development after launching a massive offensive against dealers across the country. The pan-home market has attracted its attention. "At present, Mulinsen has cooperated with several dealers to push LED lighting into the pan-home field with large-scale production." Lin Jiliang revealed.

As for whether the LED product technology has reached the pan-home requirement, Lin Jiliang said that the current domestic LED technology can meet the needs of pan-home lighting, such as luminous toys and luminous sofas. LED lighting used in pan-homes has also slowly moved from the laboratory to the market.

In fact, before Mu Linsen made a sound to enter the "pan-home", Huayi Lighting had already acted. At the "Exploring the Future Cross-Boundary Development of the Industry" conference in February this year, Huayi Lighting and the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and the Chengdu Designers Group pointed out that "lighting and furniture are integrated, and the lighting and furniture are the future lighting lighting." The development direction of the industry and the furniture industry." This also shows that Huayi Lighting will make a difference in the field of “pan-home”.

On July 10, 2014, the “2014 China LED Lighting and Pan-Family Industry Cross-border Summit” jointly hosted by Gaogong LED and China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo will be held at Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. At that time, the LED lighting and home and building materials industry will discuss the issues of how LED lighting products can be better integrated with the pan-home.

This summit will comprehensively analyze the eco-chain system of China's pan-home industry, build a face-to-face communication platform for relevant industry brand manufacturers and channel vendors, and help manufacturers and channel partners find the best partners.

The 16th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Construction Expo”), which is known as the “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, will be imported and exported in Guangzhou China from July 8th to 11th, 2014. The trade fair pavilion is held.

The exhibition area of ​​this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo covers more than 340,000 square meters, including integrated home exhibition area, whole wood home decoration exhibition area, wardrobe exhibition area, kitchen exhibition area, door and window exhibition area, architectural decoration hardware exhibition area, Weitao exhibition area, floor material exhibition and staircase exhibition area, decoration Glass exhibition area, glass technology, machinery, equipment, tools/accessories and materials exhibition area, ceiling decoration area, wall decoration/wallpaper, fabric/soft package exhibition area, wall decoration/wallpaper, fabric/soft package exhibition area, etc. A lot.

Gaogong LED will also showcase the latest LED indoor lighting products in the booth of L25 booth in Hall 1.2 of this exhibition to help enterprises expand their home improvement and tooling channels.

It can be seen that with the wave of "pan" sounds and the transformation of traditional lighting companies into LED lighting, coupled with the bold innovation of professional LED companies, the integration of lighting channels and "pan-home" channels will be new this year. Breakthrough.

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