Industry 4.0 side effects? Automation will deprive the UK of 100,000 jobs

According to foreign media reports, you should not worry about immigrants stealing your work. What you really need to worry about is the robot. According to a recent survey by job search engine Adzuna, more than 100,000 job vacancies will be completely filled by robots in the next 20 years. Nearly 10% of the 1.2 million jobs surveyed by Adzuna are likely to be taken by robots, with a percentage of 75%.

Machine operators and plant managers are among the most likely to be robbed by robots. In addition, management and secretarial jobs are also threatened.

Investigators believe that nearly 9% of full-time jobs in Devon will be in the bag of robots. In London, Reading, and Edinburgh, this situation is not optimistic, with a ratio of 5%.

In this regard, Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro advises young people who are just entering the society to find work: If you want to keep yourself from being squeezed in the job market, then you need to develop skills that are not so easy to automate.

Automation will deprive the UK of 100,000 jobs

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