Deeply explore the transformation of building intercom

As a security product for real estate projects, building intercom and real estate can be described as fate. On the one hand, the country's vigorous promotion of affordable housing and affordable housing has greatly improved the sales of low-end products in the building intercom; on the other hand, with the active promotion of smart communities and smart homes, users are on the high end. The demand for building intercom equipment has gradually emerged, and the entire building intercom industry has shown a trend of polarization!

The building intercom system is a management system that enables visitors, residents and property management centers to talk to each other, exchange information and control the safe access of the community in multi-storey or high-rise buildings. Since entering the Chinese market in the early 1990s, It has achieved vigorous development. Among them, domestic enterprises have made great progress, and with full understanding and grasp of the needs of China's diversified market, they have provoked a spur in the building intercom market and occupied more than 80% of the market.

As an important security subsystem of “Safe City”, the main application areas of building intercom are residential areas, villas, hospitals, prisons, banks, transportation tracks, campuses and other areas where people are concentrated. In some areas, new houses must be required to install buildings. The intercom system is included in the scope of project acceptance, which makes building intercom the most widely used in the residential sector. The core function of the building intercom system is “intercom”. For residential communities, it is the most important requirement to be able to make visual calls, confirm the identity of visitors and realize the function of opening the door. For banks, prisons, campuses and other places, the main need is to facilitate the people to respond to emergencies. Once any abnormal situation occurs, the relevant staff can quickly dock through the intercom system with security, security and even the public security department. Through the emergency alarm button to make an alarm, the relevant management departments can quickly receive the dangerous situation, respond quickly, and improve the safety of public places.

Connected with destiny: real estate and building intercom

As a security precautionary component for real estate projects, the building intercom industry and real estate are shared and destined. Compared with the tightening policy in 2014, the country's high-profile rescue in 2015, real estate policies are loosened, especially the first-tier cities' loan-restriction policies are loosened, many mid-end improvement needs are released, and digital intercom and smart homes are also high-end products. It has ushered in a market demand and business opportunities. The development model of the real estate market has also shifted from a large number of housing constructions to a more refined housing construction and a more rational layout in order to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, and to develop to a higher level, greener and cleaner, and at the same time change this model. It also puts more stringent requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction for building intercom manufacturers.

On the other hand, with the government's vigorous promotion in low-rent housing and affordable housing construction, many real estate developers will choose to reduce the price of building intercom products or lower the grade of products in order to control the cost of input, or choose more economical. Products and solutions, such a market environment directly led to the rise in sales of low-end products in the building intercom. At the same time, the large number of affordable housing such as affordable housing and low-cost housing has further increased the sales of low-end and mid-range products. Therefore, the building intercom has shown low-end and high-end polarization in the overall application. the trend of.

However, due to the influence of various control measures, real estate development has gradually become more rational, and the number of real estate projects to meet specific consumer groups is increasing, such as education real estate, pension real estate, tourism real estate, cultural real estate, youth apartments, etc. The real estate project is significantly targeted, and its supporting intelligent equipment should meet the application needs of the target users to the greatest extent. Therefore, for building intercom companies, meeting the individual needs of real estate development is also an important development direction.

Internal and external troubles: bottlenecks in the development of building intercom industry

With the closer performance of smartphones and PCs, the popularity of 3G/4G networks, and the continuous advancement of triple play, after integrating embedded operating systems, the functions of smart phones are very close to home computers, mobile Internet. The comprehensive popularity and maturity of equipment and technology have enabled the intercom and unlocking functions of the building intercom core to be completely realized by software. Terminal equipment such as smart phones can be extended from the indoor to the outdoor, from the inside to the outside of the community, and even in a thousand miles, the terminal equipment can be controlled at any time and any place without being restricted by time and geographical space. In this way, due to the overlapping of basic functions, the development of the function of the intercom and the access control of the smartphone also threatens the development of the building intercom to a certain extent. In order to enhance its competitiveness, the transformation of the building intercom enterprise has become Inevitable topic.

On the other hand, the intensification of market competition in the building intercom industry has caused the phenomenon of product homogenization to be extremely serious. At present, domestic building intercom vendors have relatively weak independent innovation capabilities, especially some high-end informatization core technologies such as IoT applications, detection and sensing, feature recognition, and the combination of information and communication technologies and security technologies. The bottleneck has become a difficult point restricting the development of local building intercom companies. In addition, the influx of small workshops with many low-cost technologies has also intensified the disorderly competition of the industry. The homogenization of products and the uneven quality have affected the overall image of the industry enterprises.

In addition to resisting the competitive pressure from within the industry, foreign "invaders" from the smart home channel have gradually formed a competitive force. After the digitalization of building intercom, smart home has become an important trend in the development of building intercom companies. With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology in recent years, many other enterprises have joined the competition of smart homes, such as Haier and other home appliance companies. IT giants such as Apple and Google, and smart hardware manufacturers that have emerged in recent years, therefore, building intercom companies are faced with a wider range of competition and challenges, and the competitors they face are also more threatening.

Business Opportunity: The Road to Transformation of Building Intercom Manufacturers

Renovation of old houses into important markets

Over the past 20 years, the building intercom system has undergone changes. With the development of electronics and communication technology, it has changed from analog system to digital system, from non-visual to visible, from black and white to color, from trendy imports. It has gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. In the course of the past two decades of change, a large part of the community that has installed the building intercom system has also been disrepaired for a long time, and the product functions have completely lagged behind and can not meet the daily needs of users, while more buildings are not installed. For the old community of the intercom, the restrictions on the daily safety and convenient life of the residents have not been resolved. Therefore, the old house renovation measures for the old community have also become a new round of demand for the building intercom system. Along with the improvement of people's living standards, this demand will continue to flow. Therefore, the renovation of old houses is an important market for building intercoms in the future. At the same time, it also provides stable and reliable products, convenient upgrades and flexible installations for building intercom companies. Claim.

Next vent: smart home, smart community

The building intercom system carries the important responsibility of defending the family and the community. Because it is deeply in the household, it is turned on 24 hours, occupying the main position of the living room, occupying the entrance and exit of the community and the family, and possessing certain user stickiness, carrying the smart community and smart home. In terms of floor application, it has a natural advantage.

Building intercoms can carry the functions of smart homes and smart communities, relying on the development of digital technology and Internet technology. The building intercom industry is an inevitable trend towards smart home and smart community industry. Behind the smart home and smart community is a rich industrial chain, including hardware products, software products, wearable devices, O2O services, etc. Therefore, cross-industry integration and development has become an important development direction for building intercom companies in the future.

For the smart home scene application, in order to improve the user's convenience in the installation and use process, the self-assembled modular home intelligent control system has become the mainstream. Taking the LinDoo LuxDomoWAVE series smart home as an example, the function of the system product The unit is self-assembled by the basic module, and the product has good compatibility and replaceability through software setting or changing the control function of the unit. The system supports wired networking, wireless networking or wired + wireless hybrid networking. The product has great adaptability; at the same time, the system controls the load to support the centralized control mode and the distributed control mode, which is convenient for flexible construction and effectively reduces the system construction cost.

In terms of specific functions, building intercom manufacturers are better at the requirements of smart homes for land users. They generally integrate system functions such as home control, video surveillance and security alarms onto one device, perfecting through technology. The two-way need to integrate home control and home security. Among them, the home control part can realize practical functions such as lighting control, dimming control, curtain control, home appliance control, background music control, central air conditioning control, fresh air system control, and scene mode control. Through the sensing control of environmental sensors such as infrared, illuminance, temperature and humidity, PM2.5, etc., it creates a safe and comfortable home environment; the video surveillance part can remotely access the home network camera through the mobile client, and the built-in camera of the smart terminal to obtain the home. The real-time video image; the security alarm part can realize the remote arming and disarming operation, and obtain the security alarm information in real time. The video image information of the alarm scene is obtained remotely through the linked video monitoring function.

At present, under the situation that mobile internet and Internet of Things technologies are booming and the country strongly advocates “Internet +”, building a community-based smart community management system has become an important part of the development of building intercom industry. Directions, in recent years, many companies have also launched related products, such as Lilin's smart community cloud service system (LeelenIBMS), using the Internet of Things and mobile internet technology, using smart phones, tablets and other devices as the medium, and cutting into smart properties. Point, through the unified software platform and communication information network technology for automatic control and comprehensive monitoring and coordinated management of equipment in the community, cloud intercom, property services, smart home, community business circle, security monitoring, medical health and other functions and Service as one, providing various information and life services to community users, building innovative services and profit models for property management companies, creating O2O community business models for businesses, and building a more economical, comfortable, efficient and safe environment for community residents. Make a qualitative leap in community management service functions.

In the future, building intercom companies are still promising in terms of high-end, personalized real estate projects and renovation of old communities. By actively cooperating with the strategy of network power, national big data strategy, and “Internet +” action plan, open integration Building intercom companies should strive to prepare for the introduction of face recognition, Internet of Things, big data, mobile payments, O2O and other cutting-edge technologies, transforming and upgrading, and let yourself stand on the wind.

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