Design and Implementation of Intelligent Charging Pile for Electric Vehicle

In order to promote the development of China's electric vehicle industry and improve the level of environmental protection, China has built a total of 2,350 power stations and 220,000 charging piles during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, covering the entire country. However, due to the late introduction of the standard for electric vehicle charging piles, there are significant differences in the specifications and quality of different charging piles, and the intelligent charging piles of electric vehicles often operate in harsh natural environments and strong electromagnetic environments. Therefore, how to effectively protect the stability and work efficiency of the charging system has become an important issue that plagues the development of the electric vehicle industry.

First, the overall design requirements of smart charging piles

China has a vast territory, spans multiple temperature zones, and the natural environment is more complicated. In addition, the charging piles often work in a strong electromagnetic environment, which puts higher requirements on the design of electric charging piles for electric vehicles.

1.1 can withstand the test of many extreme weather

As the global climate continues to warm, the probability of extreme natural weather events is increasing, causing serious impacts on various industries in society. For smart charging piles, the external structure must have good sealing, so that water drops, rain and snow, etc. can not enter the pile, thus avoiding short circuit or system failure; the internal air flow needs to be formed, so that it can be distributed in time. The heat generated by the components.

1.2 should have strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability

The electromagnetic environment is mainly caused by signal transmission interference caused by various electromagnetic inductions. In the rapid development of wireless mobile communication technology, electromagnetic interference has become one of the more common phenomena. For the working environment with strong electromagnetic interference, when designing the intelligent charging pile for electric vehicles, it is necessary to seriously consider the electrical layout, thereby reducing the adverse effects caused by various electromagnetic interferences and ensuring that the intelligent charging piles of electric vehicles can operate normally.

Second, the design and implementation of intelligent charging pile

2.1 External overall structure and total control unit device

The intelligent charging pile of electric vehicle adopts the cross-covering process design. The strength of the whole pile structure meets the requirements of IP65 protection level, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of water. In the design of the main body, the intelligent charging pile of electric vehicle adopts galvanized steel plate as the system hardware material. In order to ensure that it can operate normally in humid, salt, fog and other environments, a car paint process is applied, and a protective paint film is applied on the surface; in terms of component selection, considering the temperature difference between different regions, The STM32F107VCT6 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics includes a high-performance ARMCortex-M332-bit RISC core (operating at 72MHz), an Ethernet interface, six serial ports connected to each control unit, and 16 IO interfaces. Initially meet the needs of use and monitoring work. In addition, the device can work normally in the industrial temperature range, greatly improving the operating efficiency of the master control unit.

2.2 Design and implementation of display and monitoring unit

The display unit is composed of an LCD display, a touch screen, an indicator light and a button. The user can select an appropriate service plan through the LCD display and according to the charging demand of the electric vehicle, touching the corresponding button on the screen. When the service is completed, the indicator light will immediately remind the user that the charging pile is working. When the charging is completed, the indicator light changes from red to green, prompting the user to complete the charging. The system has an operating voltage of 3.3 VDC, a logic level of 0 to 3.3 V, a display driving voltage of 5 VDC, an operating temperature of 0 to 50 ° C, and a wide temperature of -25 to 75 ° C. The monitoring unit is mainly used to supervise the working state of the intelligent charging pile, including the collection of analog quantity, the collection of the switching quantity and the drawing and opening. After the system collects the analog quantity, the corresponding information is transmitted to the switch quantity acquisition unit, thereby providing the user with the charge amount matching the charging demand; the opening control guides the user to drive the electric vehicle out of the charging pile after completing the charging. For the convenience of other users.

2.3 Design and implementation of intelligent charging pile software system

2.3.1 main control module

The main control module can automatically match the best service plan according to the user's charging consumption demand. After the customer confirms the service, the corresponding information will be transmitted to each hardware module to start charging. At the same time, the module can also collect various consumer information of the user, such as the implementation operation data of the smart charging pile, charging records and the like.

2.3.2 Security Module

The security module refers to the secure storage unit of the system, and is composed of a key management unit, a data encryption unit, and a decryption unit. In the process of paying for an IC card by an electric vehicle user, the user's personal information will be encrypted. In addition, the system software uses key management to prevent hackers from invading the system and improve the security of user information. It is worth noting that the decryption unit can automatically identify the user's identity when the user checks out the card to complete the transaction.

2.3.3 Electrical Design

The anti-static design of the circuit mainly uses the bidirectional transient suppression diode grounding to realize the anti-static protection of the communication line. In the connection between the internal control board and the external functional modules, energy metering, touch display, wireless communication transmission module and master control unit are adopted.

Third, the conclusion

In summary, the electric vehicle intelligent charging pile can meet the development needs of China's electric vehicle industry, and has the characteristics of convenient charging operation and high practicability, which is worthy of promotion and use.

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