Higher quality experience three large screen OLED TV recommended

Now that television has become a must-have item in every family, many consumers will feel very tangled up when they buy a TV. For example, some users who are very concerned about the quality of TV pictures will often worry about how they can purchase HDTVs. In fact, from a professional perspective, we may wish to start from the TV panel. As we all know, television panels have a crucial decisive role in the quality of television. In the current market, we can find two different TVs with LED backlight and OLED backlight. Relatively speaking, the new OLED TV is more worthy of attention.

OLED organic TV brings higher picture quality

Here, we first briefly understand how OLED TVs differ from traditional LED TVs. LED TVs use LED light-emitting diodes as the backlight source to illuminate the screen by lighting. The OLED pixels used in OLED TVs have self-luminous characteristics and do not need to use other light sources. The advantages brought by self-luminescence are many, and it can make the color performance of television screens more realistic and the sense of hierarchy more abundant. For example, in the scene where we play full black, the black is more profound and there will be no light leakage that is likely to occur in traditional LED TVs.
Compared to LED TVs, OLEDs have obvious advantages

Looking at the current OLED TV market, there are both well-known Korean brands such as LG, and some old domestic brands such as Skyworth, Konka and so on. These OLED TVs, in addition to their own quality assurance in terms of quality, are equipped with a smart operating system that can implement a variety of smart features, such as watching online video, playing games, browsing the Internet and more.

In this shopping guide, I will recommend several popular OLED TVs in the near-term market. We can choose according to their own needs. I believe that I can always find a product that suits my needs.

â–  Skyworth 55S9300 55-inch 4K OLED

The Skyworth 55S9300 is an OLED TV with 4 color 4K technology. This TV has a very high contrast ratio, which makes the television display more layered and the black scene more prominent. In terms of sound quality, JBL original speakers are equipped to improve the sound performance. The TV's built-in Coolopen 5.0 smart system enables fast booting, as well as a TV viewing platform and gameplay platform. Currently in Jingdong Mall, this 55-inch OLED TV quoted at 14,999 yuan, click to enter the Jingdong Mall to buy.

Skyworth 55S9300 OLED TV

This Skyworth OLED TV uses self-illumination technology, which allows the contrast of the TV to be infinite, so that when the user views the screen, the pure black scene is more profound and there is no light leakage. The 4-color 4K technology adds white sub-pixels in addition to the three primary colors, and also improves brightness and contrast, resulting in better picture quality.

Skyworth 55S9300 OLED TV

The Skyworth 55S9300 OLED TV has a Coolopen 5.0 intelligent system that can achieve a 15 second quick boot and save the user's waiting time. TV built-in Tencent video platform provides a wealth of online video, US drama, NBA live events and other content to meet the viewing needs of users. In addition, it also has a full-channel battle platform, which includes a large-scale 4K gun battle, joystick, and remote control.

Easy-to-use cool open 5.0 smart system

Built-in JBL audio

Author's comment: Skyworth 55S9300 OLED TV is a good choice for users who care about TV picture quality. This TV not only has a 4K ultra-high-definition OLED screen, but also excels in smart functions, with complete video and entertainment content. The equipped JBL audio system also optimizes the performance of subwoofers for better sound effects.

Skyworth 55S9300

[Reference price] 14999 yuan

[Dealer] Jingdong

â–  LG 55EG9200-CA 55 inch curved screen OLED

LG 55EG9200-CA is a 55-inch curved screen TV, this TV has 4K ultra-high resolution, curved screen design, and also supports mainstream flash 3D technology. What's more important is that TVs use OLED panel manufacturing to provide excellent image quality and good guarantees. In addition, this TV is also equipped with friendly and easy to use webOS2.0 intelligent system, feature-rich, easy to use. At present, this TV is quoted at 17899 yuan in Jingdong Mall. Click to enter Jingdong Mall to purchase.


This LG 55EG9200-CA has a 4K ultra-high resolution resolution of 3840x2160, enabling point-to-point display of 4K Ultra HD video. The benefits of OLEDs are self-illumination, allowing black images to be presented to the audience more vividly in dark scenes and without any light leakage, improving overall image quality. In addition, users watching high-speed dynamic scenes, such as sports events, etc., will not appear to tail the bad situation.

OLED TV structure is obviously different from LED TV

LG 55EG9200-CA is equipped with a well-received webOS2.0 intelligent system in terms of intelligent systems. Users do not need to return to the desktop to quickly switch between applications or live TV. This is very user-friendly. For viewers who like to watch 3D programs, without flash 3D support, users can also enjoy exciting 3D programs at home.
Built-in webOS2.0 intelligent system

Author Comments: This LG 55EG9200-CA OLED TV has excellent picture quality performance, with curved screen and 4K ultra-high resolution, more suitable for viewing, also supports non-flash 3D function. With the built-in webOS 2.0 smart system, users can implement a variety of smart applications that allow the TV to perform multiple functions.

LG 55EG9200-CA
[Reference price] 17899 yuan

[Dealer] Jingdong

Konka OLED55X90P 55-inch curved screen OLED

Konka OLED55X90P is a 55-inch curved screen smart TV, this TV is equipped with a ten-core high-performance processor, using OLED self-luminous panel manufacturing, the light source is infinitely close to natural light, so that the TV screen performance is more natural. WRGB four-color light technology also provides a higher color gamut performance. In addition, the TV also provides a large number of smart applications and online video support. Currently in the Suning Tesco, this TV quoted at 11999 yuan, click to enter the purchase of Suning Tesco.


This Konka TV uses OLED panel manufacturing. OLED is a self-luminous material that can rely on the organic materials on the panel to achieve independent light. Its light source is infinitely close to natural light, and the picture is very fresh and natural. The self-luminous can precisely control the lighting state of each pixel, which is higher than the brightness of the traditional LED. In addition, the unique WRGB four-color technology of the LGD screen can make the color gamut in the picture perform better.

OLED panel brings higher picture quality

Massive video resources

In smart applications, Konka OLED55X90P is also very rich. In the built-in smart app store, various application resources can be found, including various kinds of content such as education, chat, and games. In addition, there is also a genuine video-on-demand platform that allows online viewing of various TV shows, movies and other program content.

The author's comment: This Konka OLED55X90P TV, using a more emphasis on quality OLED technology, can improve the overall performance. Its entertainment function is also very rich, online video, application stores and other functions are also very complete, enough to meet the needs of the family.

Konka OLED55X90P

[Reference price] 11999 yuan

[Distributor] Suning Tesco

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