Outdoor LED display installation method introduction

First, the introduction of outdoor LED display system

The system is controlled by a computer to synchronously control the LED display, and communicates through one or two super five-type 8-core network cables. The DVI main control card and the graphics card are connected by DVI cable. The computer passes the RS232 serial cable (one for the 9-pin serial port and the other for the 4-bit crystal head). The software can provide γ correction, gray scale control, red and green data exchange. Controls additional functions such as large screen switch operation.

Second, the power operation and description

The LED display is powered by AC220V current, requiring grid voltage fluctuations of less than 10% and providing good system grounding. The power supply consists of three lines of fire, zero and ground, and the grid fluctuation is less than 10%.

When the maximum power of the LED display screen is less than 10kw, the system usually requires single-phase voltage supply. The LED display above 10kw requires three-phase five-wire voltage supply and provides a good grounding system.

Third, LED display hardware installation

The installation steps are as follows:

1. Insert the DVI display card into the AGP slot of the motherboard and install the driver for the card.
2. Insert the data acquisition card into the empty PCI slot;
3. Connect the data acquisition card to the display card with a DVI cable;
4. Connect the control line to the serial port (Rs232) (optional);
5. Connect to the receiving card with one network cable;
6. The LED display shows that the drive card and the collector board are connected by a 50P flat line one by one;
7, check the connection can be set or power on debugging.

Fourth, LED display software installation

1, LED display graphics card driver installation

Insert the video card driver CD into the CD-ROM drive and you will automatically enter the installation state. Please follow the prompts.

2, play software

The LED display comes with a large screen dedicated playback and setting software LED studio, or LEDSHOW4.0, which can meet the requirements of most LED large screens, play picture text and VCD.

Insert the application software CD that came with the screen into the CD-ROM drive, copy or install all the programs to your computer.

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