Jiuhao teamed up with an interpretation to set up Chengguang to attack the LED lighting market

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan's alumina substrate company Jiuhao (6127) is optimistic that the high-power heat-dissipating substrate market will lead the LED lighting market, and its thin film technology is invested in the LED heat-dissipating substrate market. The company cooperates with the lead frame factory (2486) The joint venture established Licheng Optoelectronics to attack the LED lighting cooling market and is scheduled to mass production after completion in October this year.

Jiuhao's alliance is mainly due to the company's LED lead frame manufacturer, which will be able to use its leading manufacturers to provide a sound LED customer. Jiuhao is the first in Taiwan due to deep-thickness and thin film resistance technology. Large manufacturers will provide production technology to manufacture thin film ceramic heat sink substrates.

It is reported that the initial capital of Licheng Optoelectronics is NT$200 million, of which Jiuhao invests 80 million yuan, holds 40% of shares, 50% of one investment, and the remaining 10% is intended to attract excellent management teams.

Ji Qinglin, general manager of Jiuhao, said that Licheng Optoelectronics Nanxun Factory will be mass-produced with Q4 this year, and at the same time, it will deliver customer certification. The initial monthly production capacity is 100,000 pieces, including Huangguang and laser processing equipment. The company has already started. Negotiate with potential customers.

LED ceramic heat-dissipating substrate is currently the hottest product in the LED lighting supply chain, including Tongxin, Guanglu, Juding, etc. It can be divided into thick film printing process and lithography process. The difference lies in The thick film is made by screen printing, and the film is made into a line by Huangguang lithography. Jiuhao has the world's top three thick film chip resistor technology, which will easily penetrate the LED heat sink substrate market and attack LED lighting business opportunities.

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