Jingke Electronics Easy Series New Products Create a Golden Age

Four new light source products lead the LED market trend <br> Recently, Guangzhou Jingke Electronics, which dominates the high-power LED market, launched four new products in the market in an easy way. It is like a blockbuster, which immediately caused an uproar in the market. The industry unanimously believes that the new series of Jingkeyi series has created a gold-free packaging era, and the high reliability guarantees that we will enter the LED life with full popularity.

Four major series of new products rush to market
The four major series of white LED products listed on the market are the latest generation of ceramic-based light source products. This series of products is based on APT patented technology - flip-chip eutectic soldering technology, which realizes gold-free single-chip and multi-chip modules. Line, no solid crystal plastic packaging, is undoubtedly a major technological innovation.

As is known, the traditional package structure mostly uses silver glue to fix the chip on the substrate, and the electrical connection must be made through the gold wire. Moreover, the silver gel contains epoxy resin, and the long-term environmental stability is poor, and the thermal resistance is high. The adhesive force is gradually deteriorated during the long-time lighting of the LED, which easily leads to shortening of the life of the LED.

Because the gold wire is as thin as the hair, it is resistant to high current impact, and can only withstand a force of about 10g. Once it is subjected to thermal shock, it is easy to cause the gold wire to break due to the thermal mismatch of various packaging materials. Causes LED failure.
(Figure: traditional package mode)

The gold-free package is good for avoiding the above problems, ensuring high reliability, low thermal resistance and ultra-thin packaging. The four series of products of the easy-to-series white LED products launched this time are:

Easy Star Series E-Star Series (1-3W). Yixing is the first product in the easy-to-series ceramic-based gold-free package. It is packaged on a small 3.5mm*3.5mm substrate and has a drive power of up to 3W and provides efficient, high-quality light output. To ensure good reliability, a high-quality white light source is provided for the majority of application customers.

Yihui series E-Light Series (5-10W). Yihui is the second product in the series of white LEDs. The product adopts the patented technology of flip-chip eutectic soldering to realize the gold-free package of multi-chip LED module, which has the advantages of high brightness, high reliability, low thermal resistance and good color consistency. Yihui packs 4 high-power chips on a small size substrate of 6.0mm*6.0mm, which can support 5-10W input power, providing a high grade and high quality for commercial, home, outdoor and automotive lighting. Quality light source.

Easy Flash Series E-Flash Series (for flash). Yixun is a white LED product designed for flash applications in the easy-to-series ceramic-based gold-free package. This product takes full advantage of the easy-to-use series of gold-free wires. It can be driven with a pulse current of 1000 mA or more, and instantly outputs high-intensity-density light pulses, and can realize ultra-thin, ultra-small size packaging, which will be a digital product for various application flashes. Intelligent transportation system provides an efficient and high quality product.

Yi Yao series E-Shine Series (10W or more). Yi Yao is a white light LED integrated light source product that can be customized according to customer requirements in the series of ceramic-based gold-free wire packaging products. This product adopts flip-chip eutectic soldering technology to realize gold-free wire encapsulation of multiple chips. A single light source can drive more than 10W, output luminous flux of more than 1000lm, and has high reliability, low thermal resistance and uniform light color. It is especially suitable for single-core luminaires, providing customers with a high-quality and easy-to-use light source.

Four major technological advantages lead the LED trend
The reason why the new series of products can cause a sensation in the industry is because of its unique and innovative technological advantages. In summary, this new series of products has four major technical advantages:

First of all, high reliability. It is well known that the LED module is packaged by using a plurality of positive-loading chips or vertical chips, and the gold wire is required to complete the electrical connection between the chip and the chip, the chip and the bracket, thereby increasing the risk of LED failure. The advantages of high reliability brought by the flip-chip gold-free package structure of the easy series are more obvious in the LED module of the multi-chip package.

Second, low thermal resistance can be used at high currents. In the traditional package, the sapphire layer is under the chip, so the thermal conductivity is poor, and the thermal resistance of the silver paste is also very high. In contrast, in the flip-chip gold-free package structure, the metal directly contacts the metal interface, so that the thermal conductivity is high and the thermal resistance is small. (As shown below)

Again, the phosphor is coated flat and the light color is uniform. The traditional phosphor coating method has a non-uniform space and a large color temperature difference. The improved technology brings a more uniform spatial color temperature distribution. (As shown below)

Finally, no gold wire is obstructed, and ultra-thin packaging can be realized. Without the gold wire, phosphor coating is simpler and provides more room for lens design. (pictured)

From a technical point of view, Jingke Electronics Easy Series has a lot of innovations and transcendences, which is the embodiment of Jingke Electronics' overall technical strength. We have reason to believe that Easy Series products not only dominate the future market demand for LED, but also lead the trend of technological innovation in the LED industry.

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