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Product green lighting is not only demanding energy saving but energy saving under the high requirements of lighting quality and visual environment conditions. Therefore, energy saving cannot be achieved by lowering lighting standards, but energy saving performance of the entire lighting system is improved. The lighting standard Yang Bo cold and lighting quality is achieved with a smaller number of lamps and power consumption. Accelerating the construction of a conservation-oriented society under the circumstance of China's sustained and rapid development of resources for theft of contradictions and increasing environmental pressure is the fundamental way to ease the contradiction between resources and balance. Promoting green lighting can reduce energy consumption and alleviate environmental pressure, in line with the purpose of building a conservation-oriented society in China.

A green lighting is a new policy in the field of lighting proposed in the early 2000s. It is proposed from the perspective of saving energy and protecting the environment. The purpose of implementing green lighting is to develop and promote high-efficiency lighting fixtures in China, save lighting power, establish high-quality, high-efficiency, economical, comfortable, safe and reliable environment, improve people's quality of life, improve work efficiency, protect people's physical and mental health, and meet the national economy. The growing demand for lighting and lighting environments by the department and the people reduces environmental pollution.

The innovation of luminaire technology has accumulated a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lamps in the years of sports lighting experience. Operating system Traditional luminaires use a light source that allows the arc tube to be substantially horizontal but still has a small angular deviation. The light source arc tube has a horizontal mechanical loading of the gear transmission, and a chain device is installed, which can ensure that the arc tube of the light source is in a horizontal state after the installation and debugging of the lamp can maximize the effect of the light source. At the same time, the timing power supply adjustment system makes the light source consume less energy and prolongs its service life.

The improvement of light distribution technology stipulates the most basic kind of light distribution curve in the international lighting association on the lighting distribution curve technology. Many internationally renowned lighting company tombs introduce light loss coefficient to indicate that the light distribution curve can be provided in reality. The lumens of the situation output the actual situation table lamps, and some of the lamps only provide the light loss coefficient is the closest to the wide-light, medium-light, narrow-light and other optical distribution. That is to maintain the lumen line to meet the daily application needs.

Initial lumen loss coefficient. The reflector of the luminaire does not have such a problem that the reflector is embedded in the reflector for the illumination system. The technical composition is printed. Angle platooners have a basic shape for the system's electrical control reflectors. The system has been improved.

The timing of the addition is more precise in controlling the light. The power conditioning system ensures that the light is reduced in one step at a time, improving the efficiency of the lamp during the life of the lamp. Different sets of lumen output of the reflector, without having to worry about the effect of the optical mismatch on the output lumens. A variety of light distribution curves. In the simplest case, if there is more choice of products in the lighting application for the illuminance of the venue, then in the usual way, the illuminance of the most suitable distribution can be selected in the initial application. In order to light, reasonably project and use light, to ensure that the user can finally get the illumination that he or she has to achieve the best lighting effect.

However, if the system is used, the luminaire does not have such a problem in the reflector. It only needs to be equipped with an external anti-glare controller to initially provide illumination, that is, to reduce glare, and to ensure that the user can obtain satisfactory athletes, referees, etc. during the competition. Provide illumination. This eliminates the need to waste an extra comfortable, beautiful lighting environment. Thus, the goal of the anti-glare controller according to aerodynamic energy is achieved. The principle design reduces the wind load of the circuit topology on the pole. The die-cast aluminum system is used to ensure that it is both strong and light.

Rectifier, constant light output output intelligent adjustment system, rectifier is a double coil full light source lumen output is the climber can be used in the control of the input voltage to control the laboratory environment changes. However, in actual use, the capacitance is connected in series with the lamp. When the dry road is unable to reach the ideal condition, the voltage change of the lamp will not exceed the voltage change. This is a big improvement over high reactance circuits. The lamp starting current is less than its normal operating current and there is no instantaneous inrush current. A sudden improvement in the lamp due to a sudden drop in voltage can also be significantly improved.

In addition, the power loss of the rectifier greatly reduces the input power of the luminaire, and the power loss of the rectifier is less than that, which saves energy.

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