Strong strikes of the Han nationality laser LED stealth dicing machine world premiere

Invisible dicing technology is strong
- Hans Laser LED stealth dicing world premiere

Han's Laser is a world-renowned laser equipment integrator. The company's existing more than 20,000 sets of laser equipment are operating stably around the world. Since 2009, the company has successfully launched a variety of LED UV laser dicing machine products, quickly entered the field of LED wafer dicing, and achieved industry recognition and market response in a short period of time.

In 2011, Han's Laser and Japan Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd. joined forces to jointly develop a new generation of top dicing technology equipment - LED stealth dicing machine. In order to popularize the application of this technology in the LED industry and create higher value for customers, Dazu Laser will hold a new product launch conference on the third floor of the Shanghai International Convention Center on the afternoon of August 30, when the equipment will be in this high-tech LED. Stay tuned at the boutique lighting show, so stay tuned.

Join hands with Japan Hamamatsu to launch the world's first LED stealth dicing machine

Invisible dicing is a dicing technique in which a laser is focused on a wafer to form a modified layer (ie, an SD layer) for division, and an external force is applied to the wafer to divide it into crystal grains.

“LED invisible dicing technology has three advantages: First, the narrow width of the scribe line can greatly reduce the width of the scribe line, thereby increasing the number of die cuts on a single wafer; second, reducing the production process and reducing the production cost. Jiang Zong, chief engineer of the Dazu Laser Professional Industry Development Division, told the Gaogong LED reporter, "At the same time, compared with the traditional surface dicing technology, the dicing speed has been greatly improved."

According to General Manager Jiang, the invisible dicing technology of Hamamatsu has been widely used in the field of silicon wafer dicing, and has been highly recognized by users. On the basis of the original technology, Hamamatsu developed a new generation of stealth dicing technology for the characteristics of the LED industry. Han's laser integration has been the industry's strong strength in the field of laser research and development and the experience of system integration applications. It has been combined with Hamamatsu, and has adopted the top core technologies in the industry, such as real-time autofocus in the dicing process. This landmark LED stealth scriber. In the context of the 4-inch film, and even the 6-inch film, which will become the mainstream of the industry, this device will become the first choice for wafer production in the LED industry in the next few years. At present, Hamamatsu has licensed the stealth scribe technology (SD) patent to the Han family laser, which is currently the only authorized partner in mainland China.

"The reason why Hamamatsu chose Han's laser is because Han's laser is the leading enterprise in the domestic laser industry and has excellent market performance. In 2010, the company's market sales revenue exceeded 3 billion yuan, and it has many years of successful operation experience in the industry. Mature and reliable business partners." Yin Jiangang, general manager of the Dazu Laser Professional Industry Development Division, told the Gaogong LED reporter that the company has concentrated on various advantages and invested a lot of resources in the LED application field to ensure a comprehensive range of customers. The professional service is the best partner for domestic LED manufacturers. Choosing Han's laser will definitely bring great returns to users!

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