Automotive application memory products (Numonyx)

Automotive application memory products (Numonyx)

At the IIC China 2009 Chengdu station that was just unveiled, Yang Jingwen, marketing manager of Numonyx's Asia Pacific Business Unit, delivered a speech to the industry and strongly recommended that the embedded system industry consider using memory subsystems when simplifying and accelerating design to facilitate the realization of critical costs And time advantage, to encourage further innovation in the embedded system market. At the same time, Numonyx announced the launch of a new product for the rapid development of in-vehicle information applications. This new product release once again proves Numonyx's commitment to embedded system customers, bringing higher performance, flexibility, compatibility and reliability to today's high-profile hot applications.

Numonyx announces the official launch of its first eMMC * solution for vehicles to meet the growing demand for in-vehicle infotainment applications. The product further expands the memory product camp that Numonyx has designed to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive market for data and code storage reliability.

"The message we want to convey is very simple: memory is important." Yang Jingwen, marketing manager of Numonyx's Embedded Products Asia Pacific Division, said in the keynote report, "In terms of improving overall system performance, simplifying design and time to market, the memory subsystem It is one of the final considerations for designers, but it may cost designers a high price. If customers can make the right choice of storage technology as early as possible, then they can have efficiency problems in the entire design process A better understanding, such as firmware and software complexity issues, these issues are crucial factors for the product to be launched as soon as possible. "

Manager Yang Jingwen further explained how the embedded market has become a model for technological innovation through industrial cooperation. "Although memory technology and professional skills play an important role, innovation is rarely achieved by one party. If the embedded system industry wants to develop rapidly, it needs multiple advancements like reference design and industrial cooperation. We believe , Numonyx ’s product technology portfolio, including new products launched today, provides a very good start for this initiative. "

Numonyx: Riding the wind and waves in the field of in-vehicle information applications With the launch of eMMC * for vehicles, Numonyx is delivering in-vehicle information application technologies to the rapidly growing automotive market, including navigation systems, radio satellite broadcasting, car audio and DVD audio and video systems, and voice recognition , Telematics and multimedia systems. As these features become increasingly standard for new, off-line vehicles, the demand for flexible, high-quality, standardized, and reliable flash memory solutions from automotive suppliers has also grown dramatically.

In automotive applications, the electrical and physical specifications have the most stringent requirements. For such in-vehicle applications, Numonyx has launched this standard eMMC * product with important differentiation features to fully meet market demand. The product includes advanced electrical and temperature screening, which can achieve excellent performance, good quality and high reliability in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, and meet the key requirements of automotive grade and AEC-Q100 standard. In order to improve robustness and shock resistance to mechanical vibration, Numonyx's eMMC * products are packaged in a BGA with a ball pitch of 1mm, which provides higher reliability and meets the expectations of drivers and passengers. By using RoHS-compliant materials, Numonyx eMMC * products can also meet the growing environmental requirements of the solution.

Numonyx eMMC * architecture is an embedded memory solution that integrates a multimedia card interface, flash memory chip and host controller in the same small BGA package. Because the interface speed is up to 52MB per second, Numonyx eMMC * provides fast and scalable performance while also supporting interface voltages of 1.8V or 3.3V. All Numonyx eMMC * solutions are based on the MMCA / JEDEC industry standard.

Numonyx is working with a number of world-class auto parts manufacturers to provide them with test samples that meet automotive quality requirements. It is expected that new products will be put into mass production by the end of the year.

In 2009, unlike the vast regions of the world that were severely affected by the economic recession, China's automotive electronics and consumer electronics markets still showed strong momentum of development. According to data from CIC consultants, an authoritative market research agency, under the dual promotion of huge market potential and national incentive policies, China's car sales growth in 2009 is expected to reach 9% -10%. The fast-growing automotive industry provides a broad application market for automotive electronic products. In the next few years, China's automotive electronic product market will develop steadily under the guarantee of the development of the automotive industry, and the penetration rate of various automotive electronic products in automobiles will continue to increase. It is estimated that by 2012, the scale of China's automotive electronics market is expected to exceed 320 billion yuan.

As a leader in the global storage industry, Numonyx will take this opportunity to launch the eMMC * solution to clearly grasp the pulse of the industry, firmly grasp the new round of development opportunities, and open up a broader world in the field of automotive applications.

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