Loop antenna preamplifier

Loop antenna preamplifier

The preamplifier has a built-in ability to control regenerative amplification gain. C1 can use tuned capacitors for tandem or multiple AM ​​broadcast bands. L1 is a ferrite ring with taps at 15% -25% of the total number of turns. This circuit is suitable for low frequency (to 3MHZ) reception, in this case the loop antenna is helpful to reduce man-made noise.

Sports can't be abandoned more freely
Close ergonomic design, close to the ear, even wearing for a long time can also enjoy comfortable experience.

And can form a triangular stable support with the ear, even if running and riding, vigorous fitness is still close to the ears, wildly shake off.

Description of connection OK 
music doesn't wait
After the first successful pairing, the boot automatically back up, no unnecessary operation
When the earphone is turned on, it can be automatically reconnected.

Note: the first pairing should be done manually in the bluetooth Settings of the device only Ensure that the bluetooth function of the device is turned on normally

Half In-ear Wireless Headset

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