Xiamen: LED ceiling lamps are consistently sought after

As an indispensable item in the LED lighting product family, LED ceiling lamps have always been the main sales force of LED lighting products in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting. However, in a recent interview, the reporter found that in the Xiamen lighting market, the sales of simple style LED ceiling lamps are even greater.

Many dealers said that since entering September, the sales of simple-style LED ceiling lamps have been climbing, and they have broken through the best performances of previous years!

The simple style LED ceiling light refers to the “simplified style, not only the simple appearance, but also the meaning of soft and graceful light.” Jane Lighting, the manager of the show, said.

General Manager Li Lutai of Ludao Zhiguang said that the LED ceiling lamps in the Xiamen lighting market are now selling the best in both white and geese. These two color LED ceiling lamps cater to the customers' "simple style". Inner appeal.

The minimalist style is a natural style, and the simple shape without too many gorgeous decorations is the key.

Philips' 30806 model, Hengjie series, Jinling's comet series, Haohao's 8L50 series, periwinkle series, and Sanxiong Aurora's 14171994 series are all representative products of simple style.

Among them, Philips' 30806 model has a retail price of 450 yuan. The price is considered to be a mid-to-high end. It belongs to Philips' Hengjie series, and its price is relatively cheap, about 300 yuan. It can be said that in the mid-to-high end range, Philips has taken into account the affordability of customers.

The cheaper price is mainly based on Buddha photo and Hao Hao. Its price is mostly between 180 yuan and 220 yuan.

Which brands of simple ceiling lamps sell well? "I transferred a batch of LED ceiling lamps from Zhongshan in August, about eight thousand miles. The shape is simple, just a simple broken grid, with a circular lampshade, simple can not It’s simpler. I thought I had to clear the position by the end of the year, but I didn’t expect it to be sold out in just two months!” General Manager Ke Jinnan of Superlight Lighting told the reporter with pleasure.

Ke Jinnan said that the LED ceiling lamps he entered were only about 65 yuan in size and 150 yuan to 220 yuan in large size. The overall price is not high, which is one of the reasons for the rapid sales.

According to statistics, in the two months of September and October, the sales of LED ceiling lamps in the Xiamen market increased by only about 10% compared with the same period of the previous year, which is not particularly significant, but the main theme of “simple style” is Jiamei. Sales of LED ceiling lamps such as Optel have broken 20% of sales.

Opter dealer Peng Zhenni told reporters that the 16W MX all-white series ceiling lamp sold more than 1200 feet in her here in September and October. The retail price of these ceiling lamps is around 200-400 yuan. .

"Jiamei's LED ceiling lamp sales have always been relatively good, such as the 18W 1500 ceiling lamp, the retail price is only 136, whether it is brand quality, or after-sales service is guaranteed, the price is also in the range of acceptable low-end, sales naturally Not bad." Zhang Jingcai, manager of Hengtong Lighting, said.

It is understood that whether it is Jiamei or Op, the LED ceiling lamps sold by them are mostly based on simple style and soft light. In addition, Sanxiong? Aurora, Xinhongkang and other LED brands have also recently sold a large number of ceiling lamps.

It is worth mentioning that Sanxiong? Aurora's 14171994 this simple style ceiling lamp, its retail price of more than 1,000 yuan (in July, the price is 1396 yuan), but actually sold out the goods, is making new to the manufacturers A batch of orders! Before August, the monthly sales of this ceiling lamp was only about 80 。. It can be seen that the sales of simple style LED ceiling lamps are indeed rising!

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