Audition, the first criterion for purchasing a home theater speaker

Home theater has become a trend, a trend that will slowly spread among more families. The speaker is the "small handle" of the home theater, and its purchase is even more important. What kind of speaker is a good speaker, in order to have a good performance in the home theater?

Home theater speaker

If the clothes are not suitable for purchase, the clothes will look ugly and unfit, but they will not damage their health. However, if the speakers are not properly selected, they will not only listen to the ugly, but also hurt their ears. When you buy a home theater speaker, audition is the first criterion when purchasing.

Listening, you can feel the sound and sound effects of the speakers, and judge whether it is the feeling you want, whether it is in line with your own trial experience. In addition, try to listen to the speaker Xiaobian recommended to the professional door of the audio-visual room or in a quiet environment, put your favorite cd, and slowly feel the feeling.

Buying a speaker is just one step in the first few steps of building a home theater. In the early stage of building your own home theater, you can go to the home theater network to learn about it. Here Xiaobian recommends several articles for you, which you definitely use in the process of building.

"Acoustic Design Environment, Direct Factors Affecting Home Theater Effects"

How to choose a speaker in a home theater?

"Three practical ways to share noise reduction in home theater"

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