How to prevent the sound of home theater from leaking out?

You are enjoying the cinema shock brought to you by your home theater. When you are happy, your doorbell is ringing again. It may be a neighbor, maybe a property manager, and more serious may be a police uncle. The reason for all this is the leakage of the sound of the home theater and the noise generated by Others.


Let's not play with the virtual, and say what is going to transform the audio-visual room in the home again. These costs are too big. Xiaobian teaches you a few practical methods, how to avoid the leakage of sound, or to reduce the leakage of sound.

1. Control the sound source, which is the sound produced by the speaker. You also think that Xiaobian’s suggestion is useless, but it is indeed the most practical move. Decreasing the sound to a certain extent is an effective trick.

2. Noise reduction processing of doors and windows. For the door, you can add a mute bar to the seam of the door frame. For windows, you can hang thick velveteen curtains.

3. Ask the installation master of the home theater to see how to reduce the leakage of noise. Because each family's decoration style and specific conditions are different, the decoration master's advice based on your specific home situation is also the most effective.

Ok, Xiaobian said these three points, some friends may feel that it is useless at all, but Xiaobian still hopes to help some friends!

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