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On November 16, 2014, the 16th Hi-Tech Fair Electronics Fair (referred to as the "High-Tech Fair") opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the one-week exhibition site, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Murata”), the world's leading electronic component manufacturer, took the latest solution for the latest wearable devices with the theme of “Towards the Future of Life”. Debuted at this high-tech fair. The stage performance area, Murata Urchin® and Murata's mountaineering story showcased the wearable device solution into the future of life.

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Stage performance area

In the stage performance area, the host who wore the conceptual bracelet in the process of accompanying Murata Urchin® to find a deaf child completed a series of monitoring such as body temperature, heart rate and moving height. The ability to quickly and accurately complete and present this information is primarily due to the variety of state-of-the-art sensors, communication modules, and more integrated into the bracelet. Murata has always been committed to ultra-compact, low-power, high-precision technology, and strives to provide the industry with more high-quality, high-reliability products and solutions to create a "micro-exquisite" user experience.

High precision, responsive film temperature sensor

Based on the trend of multi-function and "micro" volume, wearable products have small size, low power consumption and high precision for components. In line with this market development demand, Murata's film temperature sensor integrated in the concept bracelet uses Murata SMD type NTC thermistor and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) with a thickness of about 100μm, which brings the advantages of miniaturization technology to the extreme (length can Customized between 10 and 70 mm, the thickness is only 0.55 mm), and its flexibility is good, and it can be flexibly wired in complex structures and narrow spaces. . Compared with the popular metal wire type temperature sensor, Murata's film temperature sensor has good temperature measurement accuracy and sensitivity, and can achieve temperature monitoring with an error of not more than 0.4 °C in the shortest time. When the product is used in a wearable device to monitor the body surface temperature, the accuracy of the measurement can be ensured, and the monitoring time can be shortened to improve the efficiency. In addition, with the miniaturization and high performance of smartphones and tablets, thermal design in a limited space has become an important issue. Another big application of Murata's film temperature sensor is to detect the temperature of the mobile device, to achieve overheating protection of the body and increase the service life of the device. This product has been mass-produced in October this year. The sensor has been adopted by internationally renowned wearables companies and will be available soon.

"Active prevention" light sensor

"Active prevention" has always been the direction of Murata's smart medical solutions from the perspective of users. Based on this direction, the human heart rate detected in the Murata concept bracelet is completed by the ultra-small light sensor. The sensor uses VCSEL technology, users can conduct self-heart rate monitoring to achieve active prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Murata's light sensor encapsulates the light-emitting element together with the light-receiving element to achieve miniaturization. It also has a digital output function. The sensor performs heart rate monitoring by optical plethysmography through the rate of change in light absorption. The sensor is applied to a wearable device, and the user can understand the heart rate condition anytime and anywhere by easily measuring the finger, the back of the ear or the wrist, thereby achieving "active prevention" of cardiovascular disease.

Precisely positioned MEMS air pressure sensor

Murata has developed a MEMS air pressure sensor that can detect height changes more accurately by applying Murata's electrostatic capacity MEMS technology in Finland, built-in temperature compensation, and being immune to temperature changes, reducing the noise level by 0.5Parms. The built-in signal processing ASIC greatly simplifies development, and its low power consumption provides effective conditions for energy saving of the loading device. We can see that in the stage performance area, the host only walked a step height, and the change of air pressure was quickly displayed on the screen. The product can be converted into altitude by measuring the change of the air pressure value and combined with GPS navigation to achieve precise positioning, indoor navigation and other functions. At the same time, the measured atmospheric pressure values ​​can be analyzed to collect meteorological data. Further expanding the application of the product, it can be combined with other sensors to accurately determine the wearer's movement mode (flat movement or climbing movement, etc.) according to the change of the air pressure value, thereby more accurately calculating the calories actually consumed.

MEMS air pressure sensor

Ultra-small, low-power Bluetooth® Smart Module

For wireless communication, Murata has introduced components such as Bluetooth® Smart Module, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, NFC antenna, and RFID tag module. Among them, the Bluetooth® Smart module is only one-fourth the size and power consumption of Murata's previous products. It is an easy-to-place connection type with built-in antennas, which can greatly reduce the resources that customers need to invest in RF design. It is commendable that Murata's module is currently the world's smallest low-power Bluetooth module.

Based on the “micro-exquisite” technology pursuit and the user's detailed experience, the module can work for months or even years with a button battery. It can communicate with products that support Bluetooth® Smart Ready, with small SMD and built-in. The antenna SMD can support both the Network Processor and the Stand Alone structure, and the radio wave method and Bluetooth® certification have been achieved, which greatly reduces the user's development cost. This product is not only widely used in mobile terminal devices such as smart phones and tablet terminals, but also has a good application prospect in the wearable field based on the demand for miniaturization and low power consumption of built-in devices based on wearable devices.

Bluetooth® Smart Module

The world's smallest DC-DC converter

Focusing on the user's detailed experience, Murata has developed its world's smallest micro-packaged DC-DC converter using its unique material design, circuit design technology and multilayer ceramic substrate manufacturing technology. The product integrates a power IC and an inductor, and uses a ferrite substrate with electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistance, which not only achieves miniaturization and high functionality, but also achieves low EMI noise and anti-interference performance. This product not only meets the requirements for miniaturization and high functionality of wearable devices, but is also very suitable for smart devices such as smartphones.

Undoubtedly, in the near future, wearable devices will be widely used in various fields and will gradually enter the daily life of the public. This cannot be attributed to the technological development and research and development of “the hero behind the scenes” such as Murata. Adhering to the "micro-exquisite" technology pursuit of miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability, Murata will continue to change and innovate, and believe that it will bring more surprises to people on the road of electronic components!

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