Analysts report 2013 Tablet PC shipments will be ultra-notebook

Analysts report 2013 Tablet PC shipments will be ultra-notebook According to a report in the online edition of "Personal Computer" by a foreign technology magazine, analyst David Hsieh of NPD DisplaySearch, a market research organization, said on Monday that although shipments of tablet computers exceed notebooks is a matter of time, there are indications that the specific time It is earlier than most analysts. Xie Qinyi pointed out that shipments of tablet PCs may exceed notebooks by the earliest next year.

Xie Qinyi said in a blog post, “The impact of smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more obvious. The current “when tablet PC shipments will exceed notebook” has become a hot topic, many analysts believe that this time will be It is 2013 or 2014."

NPD's report shows that the current price of LCD panels for notebooks continues to decline, and LCD panel makers supply their products to notebook makers at near-cost prices, and this trend has been particularly evident since the second quarter of this year; although the market is promoting hyperactivity. The book is supplemented by Microsoft's release of Windows 8 and other incentives, but none of these measures can change the downturn in the notebook market.

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