Longda Electronics and Powerex Electronics will formally merge on February 1

Lunda Electronics and Powerex Electronics will be formally merged on February 1, 2013. After the merger, the chairman and CEO of New Ronda will be served by Dr. Su Fengzheng, and the general manager will be Mr. Huang Denghui.

This merger has enabled Ronda's one-stop vertical integration model to be more complete, while expanding the product line and customer base of Lunda's LED lighting and backlight applications to increase production and procurement economies of scale. The combined amount of new Ronda capital is about NT$5 billion. Lunda said that after the merger of the two companies, they will play a positive role in all aspects.

In the product side, the original Ronda's backlight application is mainly for monitors and TVs. The new Ronda will re-enlarge the energy to all aspects of notebook computers and smart phones; in the lighting products and technology, the lights of the original Ronda focus Solid-state lighting products such as tubes and panel lamps have been expanded to include gas lamp technology such as T5 and CCFL cold cathode lamps, as well as product lines such as LED bulbs and lamps, and expanded the product and technology platform. In addition, there is a considerable additive effect in the lighting customer base. The original Lunda international lighting brand foundry business has been enlarged to include first-line brand OEMs in the US and Japan, and has expanded to local regional access customers and industrial design. The team provides professional product design services and adds value. In the supply chain, Xinlongda will enlarge the scale of procurement economy, effectively use materials and resources, and improve cost competitiveness.

Dr. Su Fengzheng, Chairman and CEO of Ronda Electronics, said that the two companies' production lines, system platforms and personnel have been completed. The new Ronda team will be more sophisticated, use the most effective use of human resources, and increase per capita output to improve business performance.

After the merger, the new Ronda synergy:

Original Ronda Merged Ronda
Backlight product TV and monitor applications TV, monitor, notebook and tablet, smart phone
Lighting products, services and customers International brand OEM, the products are mainly based on lamp and panel lights. OEMs from major international companies such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, as well as regional-type local access, expand their products to light bulbs, projection lamps and lamps, and provide design services to enhance added value.
Product technical side Focus on LED epitaxial, die and package, backlight applications, solid state lighting applications In addition to LED products, increase gas lamps and related technologies, expand technology platforms and extend to backlights and lighting
Vertical integration surface From epitaxial to finished lighting, but SMT outsourced to Power League LED one-stop vertical integration is more complete
Packaging monthly capacity 800 million 1 billion

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