Design and Implementation of Embedded Smart Home System Based on PIC32


Imagine: In the hot summer or the cold winter, when you work with your tired body on the way home after a whole day, the air conditioner has been turned on and adjusted to a comfortable temperature, and the soft light music has been played for you. The ventilation unit has been switched on, the light in the room has been adjusted, and the food you prepared in advance is heated in a microwave oven. In this way, you can enjoy fresh air, wonderful music, comfortable environment when you return, and perhaps a cup of hot tea...

This is not the scene that appears in science fiction movies. In fact, such a life is close at hand. With the development of the IT industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the development of technologies such as “smart home” and “home automation” is being closely watched by people, and related products are gradually maturing.

Design overview

The entire system consists of the following four subsystems:

Security Subsystem: This subsystem includes an infrared transmitting end and an infrared receiving end.

Appliance Control Subsystem: This subsystem includes intelligent lighting control, home appliance control, and home important facility control.

Home entertainment and overall control subsystem.

GPRS mobile communication subsystem.

Each module ensures reliable transmission of information through 2.4G wireless communication.

In the embedded smart home system , representative nodes are "GPRS module", "air conditioner controller", "gas switch controller", "audio system controller" and "infrared safety controller". As shown in the figure below, the air conditioner switch can be directly controlled by the air conditioner controller; the gas switch controller can directly control the gas switch; the sound system controller can directly control the sound switch; through the wireless infrared The security controller can perform anti-theft monitoring; through the GPRS module, it can realize remote switch of air conditioner, remote control and inquiry of gas switch, remote switch of sound system and remote alarm of anti-theft security.

Design and Implementation of Embedded Smart Home System Based on PIC32

Simple control network block diagram

How the system works:

The control terminal (core module) can display the current time information in addition to the coordinated control of each module. The intelligent light control function can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the mobile phone short message electrical forecast information. The terminal automatically reads the content of the mobile phone weather forecast message and displays the real-time weather condition to the LCD. The infrared security module is used to detect whether someone illegally invades. When someone passes through the infrared transmitting end and the receiving end, the infrared signal is blocked for a short time, and the receiving end is blocked. According to this, it is judged that someone invades, and the intrusion information is immediately sent to the control terminal through 2.4G wireless, and the control terminal immediately broadcasts an alarm tone after receiving the intrusion information, and the SMS alarm informs the owner. The intelligent control function of the home appliance can realize the remote switch of the home appliance. For safer household facilities, such as gas, you can remotely check the status of the device to turn it off. After the security is closed, the system will inform the user of the completed information to ensure the safety of the home. The system can also use the SMS timing to let the system regularly perform related tasks, such as regularly playing music in the morning, timing the rice cooker to cook, etc.


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