Safe use of electric kettle

Safe use of electric kettle

As the rhythm of life continues to accelerate, people need more and faster small appliances to assist their lives. Electric kettle is one of the essential kitchen appliances. The appearance of electric kettle has accelerated the acceleration of boiling water, and it is very convenient and quick to use. However, in use, it is often caused by improper operation caused by burns, then, how to use the kettle correctly?

Although the electric kettle is not a big piece of electrical equipment, if the residents do not pay enough attention to their safety problems during the use of such products, it may lead to accidents such as electric shocks and fires, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Water intake considerations

Too much water, easy to overflow after boiling, slightly dangerous. Too little water, it is easy to dry the circuit inside the kettle.

There is a tick mark in the general electric kettle, which tells you exactly how much water is correct. If there is no tick mark, a small distance can be left.

Correctly connected to the base

After connecting the water, place the pot on the base and align it so that the base completely overlaps with the pot. It should be noted here that the water on the body of the pot is wiped off and put on the base. In the process of water pick-up, it is easy to get some water on the outside of the pot. Everyone should dry the water and use it.

Requirements for electrical environment

Because the power of the kettle is large, do not use it with other appliances. Try to wait for other appliances not to use when boil water. After connecting the power, press the switch.

Many electric kettles also have a switch in the handlebar. After the power is connected, press the switch to start the kettle.

When using an electric kettle, be sure to take care of it and avoid it. If no one looks after the water is boiling, the whistle pot of the infinity thermostat will always dry the water and an electric kettle that can automatically reset the thermostat will be used to dry the water due to repeated heating. If the overheat protection function of the electric kettle fails, it will cause a fire accident. Residents should also note that the use of electric kettle water injection should not exceed the maximum water level, so as not to overflow the pot when the liquid boils.

And when you do not use electric kettle to boil water, it is best to unplug the power cord directly. Although after the switch of the electric water heater is turned off, electric power will not be lost even if it is not pulled out. However, the practice of residents not pulling the power cord for a long period of time is very unsafe, and it easily causes leakage, and it is easy to occur in thunderstorm days. Lightning the electric kettle.

In addition, it should be noted that electric kettles that are still turned on after boiling are likely to cause harm when flushing or brewing beverages. In order to avoid being burned by boiling water, they should be cut off before taking in boiling water to ensure safety. In addition, during use, if the appliance is damaged and does not work properly, do not disassemble the shell for maintenance and send it to the maintenance shop or the manufacturer of the product for maintenance.

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