G20-LED Lighting Summit 4·20 Summit Dialogue: Technology Drives Supply Chain Transformation

[Wen|High-tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] Since 2014, with the gradual stabilization of LED technology products, the cost-effective advantages of products have become more prominent, and the pace of replacing traditional lighting with LEDs is also accelerating.

In the context of rapid growth and even explosive growth in lighting applications, many profound changes have taken place in the middle and lower reaches of the entire industry chain, especially the progress of product technology research and development, and the potential changes that may be brought about. The market structure of this year and even the next year will have a profound impact.

In 2014, it was destined to be the dividing point of China's LED industry, and the entire industry was finally convinced that the golden age had arrived.

In 2015, it is foreseeable that mainstream LED companies will not blindly pursue scale, and the company's energy will be more invested in refined supply chain management, research and development of new technology products and cost control.

On April 20-21, 2015, the CTO meeting of the 2015 G20-LED Lighting Summit hosted by Gaogong LED and sponsored by Sunshine Lighting (600621.SH) will start a high-level dialogue in Hangzhou.

In the same period, the summit will hold the 2015 High-tech LED Supply Chain Good Products National Tour Hangzhou Station Theme Seminar. The excellent mid-upstream suppliers will showcase the latest products and solutions, and deeply interact with local lighting companies to seek cooperation opportunities.

The CTO meeting of the G20-LED Lighting Summit will accelerate the implementation of the G20-LED lighting product specification and promote the discussion of the third-party sampling inspection publicity of the light source and lamps in the Chinese market.

At the same time, the CTOs of the summit member companies will accelerate the development of core technologies in the middle and upper reaches of the new normal, as well as the technology drive for the industry in the next three years, and the launch of the high-tech LED mobile supply chain platform. Vendors engage in high-end conversations on topics such as product promotion and collaboration on the mobile Internet.

As the G20-LED summit of the LED industry, the member companies go up to the epitaxial chip and down to the lighting application, covering the middle and lower reaches of the domestic and international industrial chain, with influential and representative enterprises. With the rapid development of the LED industry, the G20-LED Lighting Summit members have made great achievements in technology research and development and product development, and cooperation between member companies has also increased.

According to the G20-LED Lighting Summit Secretariat, this CTO Summit will also explore synergistic product innovation and promotion for the upstream, midstream and downstream industries in different sub-application markets.

According to the statistics of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the total output value of China's LED industry in 2014 reached 344.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31%. Among them, the output value of LED upstream epitaxial chips, midstream packaging and downstream applications were 12 billion yuan, 56.8 billion yuan and 275.7 billion yuan respectively, up 43%, 20% and 32% respectively.

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