Which LED light can "brighten" your eyes? 7 brand LED bulb test report

LED lights are gradually phasing out incandescent lamps. For consumers, in addition to catching up with the trend, they should pay more attention to the safety, energy consumption and family applicability of LED lights. In January 2015, “Consumer Report” purchased 7 brands of indoor 5 watt LED bulbs from Philips, Op, Mulinsen, Langshi Lighting, Foshan Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora and Benbang International Lighting, and sent them to third parties. The testing organization conducts comparative tests on indoor applicability, safety, and energy saving. Which LED light can “brighten” your eyes?
Evaluation Report 1: 3 brand LED lights color rendering index does not reach the national standard
Among the 7-brand indoor 5-watt LED bulbs purchased and sent by Consumer Reports, the three samples submitted by Foshan Lighting, Mulinsen and Benbang International did not meet the requirements of the national recommended standards.
If the color rendering index is too low, it will affect the consumer's visual recognition. Especially when looking at some critical colors indoors, it will be easy to be confused. "When the color rendering index is lower than 80, it means that it is not suitable for indoor lighting, and can not meet the relatively high color reproduction requirements." Zhang Shanduan, deputy director of the Institute of Electric Light Sources at Fudan University, said.
Evaluation Report 2: Heat hazard is not qualified for fire hazards
The safety of home appliances has always been valued by consumers. It is not enough to use LED bulb lighting only for brightness and energy saving. If the safety indicator is not enough, the light will be bad, and the light may cause fire.
Among the 7 brand LED bulbs, the heat resistance of Langshi Lighting's inspection samples does not meet the national mandatory standards. In January 2014, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the results of the national supervision of LED product quality, the problem products include a "ROSY Langshi" self-ballasted LED lamp produced by Langshi Lighting.
Evaluation Report 3: Light efficiency is an important indicator of LED lamp energy saving
The 7-watt LED bulbs marked for inspection have a large difference in initial light efficiency. The state's international light efficiency is 32%, and Foshan's LED lights are more energy efficient.
Light efficiency is the ratio of the total luminous flux emitted by the light source to the electric power consumed by the light source, and is one of the important indicators for evaluating the performance and energy saving effect of the LED lamp.
Evaluation Report 4: Blu-ray hazard does not have to worry
Zhang Shanduan pointed out: "Domestic LED light sources and lamps have generally adopted measures to reduce the brightness of LED packaged devices, and there is generally no blue light hazard to the eyes."
According to the comprehensive test results, only the Opus, Philips, and Sanxiong Aurora meet the national standards in safety and performance indicators. If the price advantage is considered, the Sanxiong Aurora bulbs are more cost-effective.
Where is the blue light hazard?
As early as 1966, it was discovered that the irradiation of blue light can cause damage to retinal cells, resulting in decreased or even lost vision.
LED bulb
7 brand LED bulb initial light effect test results
2LED bulb lamp color rendering index
7 brand LED bulb lamp color rendering index test results
The above product models are: Sanxiong Aurora (LED bulb light star series), Op (LED bulb heart Yue series), Philips (9290002162A), Foshan lighting (ceramic white jade series A50), Mulinsen (white jade series LED bulb) , Benbang International Lighting (LED Bulbs BPZ 220/5), Langshi Lighting (RS-B504P).

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