The value of the Internet of Things lies in the sensor network

The value of the Internet of Things lies in the sensor network

On May 12, according to foreign media reports, the Internet of Things is currently one of the trends that the technology industry cannot ignore. It is estimated that over the next five years, the number of devices, sensors, and chips connected to the Internet will exceed 25 billion and it will be able to handle up to 500 trillion GB of data. So, where should companies cut into the growing Internet market?

The technology development company The Technology Partnership (TTP) believes that the value of the Internet of Things does not lie in the "thing" - any device with an IP address, but in the sensor network - part of the Internet of Things. Steve Taylor, a TTP executive, said, "There is no point in communicating between objects for communication. The Internet of Things only provides the backbone of communication, and the sensor network is like the root of a tree. All types of sensors are collected. , and send data to the internet."

The real value of the Internet of Things lies in the ability to collect and analyze data generated by sensors located at the terminals of the Internet of Things and obtain information that is important to the enterprise. However, even sensor networks cannot provide the information that companies really need. Companies need to consider what kind of information is really important for their future success.

In the end, the value of the Internet of Things may come from two directions: providing an understanding of things that the company did not have before and improving the importance of people in the organization. Ron Exler, an analyst at Saugatuck Technology, a market research company, recently stated in a report that "the Internet of Things can handle tedious tasks that enable people to focus on more important tasks." Despite the lack of standards, All vendors are involved in the Internet of Things, such as smart grids in the power industry, wearable devices in the medical industry, and the Industrial Internet of Things proposed by General Electric.

Saugatuck Technology expects the Internet of Things to have a major impact on the following areas: smart cities, asset management, indoor marketing, crowdsourcing, geospatial, augmented reality, social media, and wearables.

Aksler pointed out that the Internet of Things will promote the development of cloud computing. "Since the complexity of the Internet of Things drives buyers and many providers to use the most economical and highly scalable existing resources, cloud-based platforms will emerge and Rapid growth. Cloud computing providers can buy/build and manage large amounts of infrastructure."

The Internet of Things will have a very high level of intelligence and will give birth to "organizations" with higher autonomy. Fabio Moioli, a CapGemini executive at the consulting firm, recently stated that "processing costs have fallen by nearly 60 times in the past few years, and the 10,000-line equipment can not only be networked, but also independently determine the next step. New Micro Processing The device offers the possibility of low-cost equipment that can autonomously take measures or take measures in conjunction with other objects, making 'object' self-aware, predictive, reactive, and collaborative."

The Internet of Things is a huge trend, which contains a lot of opportunities, but to determine the most important data need to think and work closely with the decision makers.

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