Disinfection cabinet maintenance

         With the emphasis on food safety, the use of disinfection cabinets has become more widespread. At the same time as people use, they should also pay attention to the maintenance of the disinfection cabinet. The following small methods of maintenance of the sterilizer for reference for daily use:


1. Normally energized: Although the sealing of the disinfection cupboard is better, if the infrared tube inside does not heat for a long time, the humid air in the cabinet is difficult to discharge in time, and the mold attached to the tableware will still breed and endanger human health. Therefore, do not put the tableware with water into the disinfection cabinet and do not energize it frequently. This will cause the electrical components and metal surfaces to be oxidized by moisture. The contact resistance is easy to occur at the heat pipe tube seat, which easily burns the pipe socket or other parts and shortens. The service life of the disinfection cabinet.

2, to "dry use": the disinfection cabinet with heat sterilization is heated by the infrared heating tube, the temperature inside the cabinet rises to 200 to 300 degrees Celsius, in order to achieve the purpose of disinfection. The electrodes of the infrared heater tube inside are easily oxidized by moisture. Therefore, if the water drops are put into the disinfection cabinet after the dishwashing, the electrical appliances and metal components in the cabinet are easily damp and oxidized, and the components such as the lamp tube are easily burned out, so that the service life of the disinfection cabinet is easily shortened.

3, to choose tableware materials: plastic and other high temperature resistant tableware placed directly in the upper layer of the disinfection cabinet in the ozone low-temperature sterilization box, for ceramic and glass-based tableware placed in the lower layer of the disinfection cabinet using high-temperature infrared disinfection. Note that the colorful ceramics with glaze cannot be placed in the high temperature disinfection cabinet. Because the heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in the glaze pigments are easy to overflow if they encounter high temperature, these harmful substances are easily decomposed under the high temperature. Contaminated tableware.

4. Place the science: the position of the disinfection cabinet is also very important. Generally, the distance from the wall is not less than 30cm. It is best to place it in a dry and ventilated place. Do not open the door for the disinfection device, so the disinfection effect will not be affected. After that, it is best to remove the tableware after a while, usually 10-15 minutes. Always turn off the power or unplug the power cord after each disinfection.

5. The water in the water collection box at the lower end of the cabinet should be poured out regularly.

6. Ensure that the disinfection cabinet is energized once a day, which can ensure the sanitation of the disinfection cabinet and extend the service life. When not in use, it should be powered off.

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