Using Screencast Artifacts to Millet Boxes/TVs to Install Sofa Butlers

Use Screencast Artifacts to Millet Boxes/TVs to Install Sofa Butlers
Millet mini box and millet TV 's operating system is almost the same, we can use screen casting artifacts to install millet TV / box installed sofa butler

1, sofa official website download sofa butler , and then save to the phone, you can choose to install the package to the box.

2. Click “Install Package” to pop up the application installation package on the mobile phone. Click Install. At this time, a verification code appears on the TV interface. When the verification code is entered on the mobile phone, the installation package can be pushed to the TV or the box to start automatic. installed.

3, the installation process is very fast, after installation, if the download version is lower, you will be prompted to upgrade, click on the update immediately you can use the latest sofa housekeeper.

Casting artifact download address:
  Millet screen artifact.apk

4, after installing the sofa housekeeper, then download and install " TV must-have " in the sofa tube home, "TV must-haves" have the most popular application at present, never worry about the application installation again.

If the installation fails, restart the box/TV and try again by following the steps.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Sofa net official group 6 397262827

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